Hearing Evaluation

In general, most hearing centers perform some variation of the standard air, bone, and speech testing. INTEGRATED HEARING SOLUTIONS performs the most comprehensive exam available. Using state-of-the-art technology, we systematically perform a series of tests designed to determine the body's neurological and mechanical abilities to detect and amplify sound, as well as the ability to interpret speech.

Our practice recommends that each of our patients age 55 and older schedule a baseline hearing evaluation. It is important to understand where your hearing is today and determine if now is the time to take advantage of 21st century hearing aid technology and begin to hear what you have been missing.

Testing is performed in a comfortable, non-threatening setting. A comprehensive test takes between 60-90 minutes.

This is a vital assessment that needs to be completed before any further work can occur, and there is never a charge for this evaluation.

How long will it be before my hearing returns?

It takes time! Over time with uncorrected hearing, the brain loses some of the synapses (or connections) it needs to properly interpret the speech signal it is getting. If you learned a foreign language a few years ago but didn't keep up with it, you will have to relearn the vocabulary to understand it again. The same is true with your brain; it has to relearn the "new sounds" it is hearing with hearing aids. This can take up to six months. The more you wear your hearing aids, the better your brain will become at interpreting the signals.

Developing the proper expectations is important. Not even the best hearing aids can compensate for dead inner ear hair cells or completely get rid of background noise. You may never hear as well as you once did, but the benefits that hearing aids can bring will definitely improve the quality of your life.

In summary, hearing aids can do a great job in filling in the gaps that your inner ear is missing, but they will need help from the rest of your auditory system to get the light bulb in your brain to flash on. This only comes from consistently wearing your hearing aids.

As outlined in our Mission Statement, "Our goal is to make your hearing better, not to sell you hearing aids."

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"I can't thank Bob enough for taking the time to help evaluate my 25 yr old daughter who had hearing issues. We were always trying to get her to "talk softly" and she said she couldn't hear! Thanks to Bob, she now has less work issues...and she can hear her 6 yr old in the back seat of the car. With Bob's willingness to work with her, the hearing aids have changed her life. Thank you Bob for making a difference in her life."
Susan K. / Bloomington, MN
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