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INTEGRATED HEARING SOLUTIONS has helped many people overcome the feelings of isolation that often arise from not being able to hear what is going on around them. Read the testimonials and other comments from satisfied clients who have benefited from the personal and professional care given to them by Bob Olson.

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I first met Bob back around 2017. To my surprise he was able to detect that I was hearing impaired and offered me his services and a free hearing exam at no charge. I finally contacted him this year (2021) and took him up on his offer. After my exam, he offered me a set of hearing aids to test and try for a couple weeks. Having worn hearing aids since the third grade, I was totally amazed with these new hearing aids which included Bluetooth. I was able to have conversations again and had full control of all of the settings to these hearing aids right through my phone. After two weeks... I ordered my own hearing aids and have had an amazing experience over the last few weeks. I now wish I hadn't waited five years to make the move. Thanks Bob. The service and hearing aids you have provided have changed my life immensely.
Bob originally fitted my mother with hearing aids and when she passed away in 2018, he was gracious enough to re-program them for me (at no charge) after educating my wife and I as to what to expect when wearing them. Six months later, when we were back in our home in California, the receiver wire in one of the aids broke and their was no one local to us who was willing to repair it so I called Bob and he was willing to take care of the problem immediately. He definitely knows what he's doing and does it graciously and thoughtfully ....thank you, Bob.
My wife and I both have hearing problems. I had bought hearing aids from another company that didn’t help me that much and, it seems, I was in constantly having to get them fixed as they would break down. My wife had a severe hearing loss most of her life. We went to see Bob and he not only helped me with my loss but my wife’s hearing improved to almost normal hearing capabilities. She had been to many audiologists and even went to the Mayo Clinic but they weren’t able to help her. She was even told her hearing was as good as it would ever get. It was unbelievable to us that, after seeing Bob, she could hear again. We would recommend Bob Olson at Integrated Hearing in a heartbeat. He seems to be able to help anybody with a hearing problem. He is also thoughtful, patient and does everything in a very professional manner.
I called Bob as I wanted to see him to verify that I was doing things right. Got me in right away and went thru everything with me and made me so happy that all was good. He takes time with you and is very willing to answer any questions. Thanks Bob
To start with, Bob is wonderful. He explained how hearing relates to brain function. He tested my hearing,listened to what was important in hearing aids to me (most of which came from a very bad first experience)so I finally decided to give him a try. Bob had to order what he thought would work for me so I went back a few days later. He said put them in. With no adjustment they were perfect. No batteries needed. (I hated the battery buzzing in my ear in the previous hearing aids I had gotten from a different company.) I didn't want all the fancy, extra things. I just wanted to hear evenly in both ears. My last hearing aids kept falling out and were hard to put in. My new hearing aids sound the same on both sides. I can put them in easily and they stay in. I have a little box that I put then in at night, plug the box into an outlet and by morning they are fully charged with no batteries. They are simple. Push a tiny button and put them in and I'm fine for the day. I can't thank you enough, Bob.
Progressive hearing loss would have ended my teaching career. I'm thankful for the patience and care Bob provided. With my hearing aid, that avocation can continue.
My Aunt Laura had a bad experience with hearing aids and gave up for two years. My husband belongs to BNI business group. He knew of Bob's work and suggested we give him a try. The first appointment was disappointing as Bob found out she had over 50% hearing loss and his hearing aids could not help my aunt. Bob told us he would not give up, he needed to do research and wanted to find her a solution. My aunt was fitted for special hearing aids last week by an associate of Bob's. The amount of time Bob and this company spent with my aunt was amazing. My aunt can now hear and the smile on her face has been unforgettable

Thanks to Bob, what a great service he provides and such a caring man. My family and Aunt can't thank you enough!
My mother is 94 years old and has been wearing hearing aids for more than 30 years. Every six years or so she would purchase new hearing aids. She always had some difficulty hearing with her hearing aids but they seemed to suffice. A couple months ago mom and I went to see Bob about new hearing aids since we noticed she was starting to tune people and conversation out more than she had in the past. We realized she was in need of a hearing test and then discovered she really needed new hearing aids. We went to see Bob because we had heard from some of our friends that Integrated Hearing Solutions was selected as the BEST OF BLOOMINGTON in hearing aids for 2017. Bob fitted her with some new hearing aids and she is now attending exercise classes, bingo and bible study at the home she resides in. When I asked her what changed her mind (she would not go to any of these prior to this) she said, 'Well, I can finally hear and understand what people are saying.' Bob was very thorough and respectful of my mom’s age. Thanks to Integrated Hearing she is back in the game.
Bob spent a lot of time with me to find a hearing aid solution that would work for me. And it worked! I have a set of hearing aids that address my particular vocational situation. He helped to adjust the hearing programs to suit this aging audiophile. He is a real professional, who goes the extra mile. One's hearing needs require so much more than the typical box store solution can provide. Five stars -- and worth every penny!
I had given up hope that my hearing could be better. Bob identified a new type of hearing aid which made all the difference in the world to improve my hearing. Bob is always very willing to recheck your hearing on a regular basis or when you ask. This was important to me because I was still experiencing significant changes in my hearing. My last audiologist never seemed too anxious to [mention] this - I was told 'You don't need to have your hearing retested that often.'

Bob is a true professional!
I had the privilege of meeting Bob at Integrated Hearing Solutions six years ago. From the very beginning, I was very comfortable with Bob as he is so easy to visit with. We worked together and found a hearing aid that would work for me. Now, five years later, I am back to Bob as I wanted to get a newer hearing aid as my hearing had changed. Again, Bob was very helpful trying to help me find a hearing aid to help with my hearing problem's. I have now been fitted with a new hearing aid and Bob continues to help me with anything that I bring to him. Bob is so supportive, and really does give you very professional service.
I can't thank Bob enough for taking the time to help evaluate my 25 yr old daughter who had hearing issues. We were always trying to get her to "talk softly" and she said she couldn't hear! Thanks to Bob, she now has less work issues...and she can hear her 6 yr old in the back seat of the car. With Bob's willingness to work with her, the hearing aids have changed her life. Thank you Bob for making a difference in her life.
When you cannot hear what is being said, you feel you are shut off from the world. I knew I had some hearing loss, but I was totally unaware as to the severity. Bob Olson painstakingly tested my hearing and explained how our hearing works and what changes take place when we suffer from hearing loss. He also took time to teach me how to care for my ears as well as my hearing aids. I have suffered from intense ear aches since early childhood. Now that I can properly take care of my ears, the severity and frequency has lessened.My hearing aids have reopened my world. I am most grateful for the expertise and excellent customer service I have received from Bob!
Its been two weeks now since you fitted me with hearing aids. I wanted to let you know, I love having them.

It was a struggle for me to even consider wearing hearing aids. At the urging of my wife, you gave me my first hearing test some time ago. That test showed I should be using hearing aids but at the time I thought I could hear just fine and nothing was done.

Over the next couple years I watched as you helped my mother-in-law get hearing aids for the first time. Your service and care didn't end with her purchase. You did such a great job working with her I knew when the time came for me to get hearing aids you would be the one I would want to see. As you know I finally did. I probably should have gotten them the first time I saw you. I'm just really glad I finally did. I can't imagine a day without them.

Thank You So Very Much!

P.S. - I'm looking forward to my next visit with you.
I love my hearing aids I got from Bob especially the Easy Tech. It acts as a remote for my hearing aids and pairs with my phone making my hearing aids a blue tooth device. Thank you Bob!
I finally made an appointment to see Bob Olson at Integrated Hearing Solutions and have my hearing tested after much encouragement from several people and also my own frustration at not being able to hear well. Bob gave me a thorough evaluation, explaining things about hearing along the way. Bob is very personable, which puts you right away at ease, and he is also very knowledgeable and experienced. Bob spends plenty of time on the evaluation and consultation, striving to offer the very best hearing solution choices for each person. After the initial appointment, I felt confident that I was in good hands having Bob Olson as my Hearing Care Provider. I love my new hearing aids because now I can hear well again! They are comfortable and a good fit for my ears. Also, I know Bob is there, just a phone call away if I need an adjustment, reassurance or a question answered. Bob is truly "full service" and a Professional who is deeply committed to his clients. I do believe that Bob has more than a business here - he has a passion for helping people to hear better - and this is Bob Olson's true ministry!!
You cannot imagine how lucky a person I am after having met Mr. Olson, the Hearing Care Provider at INTEGRATED HEARING SOLUTIONS.

He is not not only a professional and licensed person, but also a person who stands 100% behind his product. He is always there to help you. You can call him any hour of the day for advice and adjustments of your hearing aids. And when you call, you will not be connected to a computer but to Bob Olson himself. I was really impressed that he offers a free remote control with all of his hearing aids.

I personally can recommend Mr. Olson at INTEGRATED HEARING SOLUTIONS and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
I can't believe what a difference it's made in my life. I can hear what people are saying!!!
I thought I'd send you a personal note expressing my gratitude to you and my eye doctor for guiding me through the hearing aid experience. During my regular yearly eye exam at my Eye Clinic, my doctor noticed that I was having some hearing problems, and recommended I see you for a complete hearing evaluation.

I was pretty skeptical because I thought my hearing wasn't that bad. I was really impressed with the way you explained how hearing and the brain works and demonstrated where my hearing was today.

My hearing aids have changed my life. I can now watch TV at a normal volume and still have a conversation with my wife. I can hear people talking in just about every situation.

My life is so much better thanks to the attention of my eye doctor and the care you gave me. Thanks again!
When my father-in-law was in need of hearing aids, it was Bob Olson he turned to and trusted. Basing his practice on integrity and truthfulness, Bob's understanding of the value hearing aids provide to the patient and his ability to explain it comprehensively is testament of a true professional. My father-in-law has since passed, but his life was made so much richer having the ability to hear.
I am a pastor of a large church and work in a variety of settings, from sanctuaries and banquet halls to small groups and one-to-one visitations. In all these environments my hearing aids work great and adjust to my every need. When I am on the road, the Bluetooth neck loop feature allows me to just push a button when my cell phone rings and answer without distraction. Bob Olson has always been very professional, kind, respectful and responsible in keeping appointments. He is knowledgeable about his product line and proactive when it comes to problem solving. I highly recommend Bob and his products for your hearing needs!
When my Godson noticed these unusual items in my ears, he asked, 'What are those?' I responded, 'Well, you know how sometimes people wear glasses to help them see better? These are hearing aids, and they help me to hear better.' Moreover, I soon learned that they helped me to better understand what I am hearing. If you are are having difficulty in hearing and understanding what is going on around you, I cannot urge you enough to go see Bob and let him help you. He is THE BEST!"
I just wanted to write a few lines about my hearing aids that I purchased from Robert Olson, Hearing Care Provider at Blaine Eye Clinic. I have worn hearing aids for more than 20 years, and I needed a new pair. I knew Bob had an office at the clinic, [so ] I went in. I wanted to see Bob because I heard he handles four different brands of hearing aids, and I liked the idea of having a choice. He showed me a pair [of] something new Siemens was coming out with, more advanced than anything on the market, so I purchased them. When I got them, they were everything Bob said they would be, and then some. They are worth every penny I paid. Bob has been there the whole way for me. making sure I was getting the most out of the hearing aids. I would recommend them to anybody.
When I first came to Integrated Hearing Solutions, I was wearing one hearing aid and not very happy with it's performance. After a thorough exam and consultation, Bob Olson explained to me that the brain needs messages and stimulation from both ears, just as nature has designed. He convinced me that I needed amplification in both my bad ear and my not so bad ear. Since then I have experienced a more balanced quality of sounds around me. Bob has continued to give me personal, specialized attention and time in the maintenance and performance of my product. I would recommend him to anyone who is experiencing hearing loss and is ready to take steps to improve their situation.
Have you recently experienced hearing loss or difficulty comprehending words being spoken? Does this problem embarrass you or cause you to avoid social situations with your families and friends? Communication is vital to our life.

Are there resources available to help alleviate the problem? I found my answer at Integrated Hearing Solutions. Robert L. Olson, HIS, Hearing Care Provider, was very informative, his attitude is non-pressured and he is honest. Why not improve your quality and enjoyment of life. Try it - I did - and the results are very rewarding!
I appreciate meeting Bob Olson. He adjusted my hearing [aids] at no charge. He takes his time and does a very good job.

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